Mind & Bowl

Mind & Bowl

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Mind & Bowl is a simple, inspiring guide to mindful eating and cooking, inviting you to see eating and cooking as a tool for self-care, creativity, and an intimate relationship with the earth.

Meditation teacher and retreat host Joey Hulin inspires you to explore your relationship with food as a mindfulness practice, alongside offering simple, colourful, 'bowl food' recipes for cooking at home.

Reconnect with the nourishing power of food and discover simple recipes that will bring joy to every meal.

Mind & Bowl offers a curious and compassionate exploration of mindfulness in general, and mindful eating in particular. Joey shares insight, knowledge and humour alongside a selection of tasty, simple-to-prepare and inviting bowl-based recipes. The first section of my copy is well-thumbed, with much underlined; the second recipe section is smattered with dollops of ingredients from delightful cooking with my children. This is a book you will come back to time and again for its humble words and beautiful recipes" - Tia Tamblyn, Breakfast and Beyond Podcast

"Through this uniquely powerful and beautifully presented book, 
Mind & Bowl, Joey Hulin gently yet effectively awakens all our senses to the importance of eating and cooking more mindfully. As she so eloquently describes, 'eating can become habitual and unconscious to the extent that we often barely taste the food we eat, let alone really enjoy it.' Through each chapter of this culinary manual and journey, we are encouraged to pay closer attention to our relationship with food, in turn, understanding ourselves and our eating habits better, with a view to develop healthier practices. Not only will you make better choices, but once you have experienced this book's deeper wisdom, you will develop a greater appreciation for every ingredient, every forkful, and every meal!" 

-Dr Samineh Shaheem