Nude Honey Wildflower
Nude Honey Wildflower
Nude Honey Wildflower

Nude Honey Wildflower

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Born of fallow & untamed fields where an ever-changing mix of wild flowers provide a feast for bees. Wildflower honey from Nude Bee will vary year to year transforming in colour, viscosity, aroma and flavour. Raw, natural, and with nothing added or taken, every year you’ll discover something new; 2017 features hints of clover, dandelion and wood sage.

Flavour Profile:

Light and bright with low intensity sweetness, our Wildflower honey is well rounded and floral on the palette. Finish has a savoury, subtly waxy note that will remind you of fresh honeycomb. Of course it’s worth remembering that we call this honey “wild” because the honey you discover today, won’t be the same honey you rediscover next year and for years to come.

Cheese Pairings:

Here we can put a quick little intro regarding these pairings, then we just list them below:

• Light Gouda
• Medium Cheddar
• Aged English Raw Milk Cheese

Tea Pairings:

Wild honey is complex, so don’t shy away from punching up big bitter flavours and earthy teas.

• Darjeeling Black Tea
• Assam Black Tea
• Pu-erh Fermented Tea