Nude Honey Buckwheat
Nude Honey Buckwheat

Nude Honey Buckwheat

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Small but mighty, the itty bitty buckwheat flower is more closely related to rhubarb than the wheat used in breads. Harvested into the early fall, this honey’s deep mahogany colour foreshadows its rich molasses flavour and subtle chocolate undertones. Buckwheat pollen is nutritionally dense and a favourite of bees everywhere.

Flavour Profile:

Buckwheat honey is distinctly known for the molasses, sorghum and maple sap notes that permeate its flavour profile, but this buckwheat has been specially chosen for its dark cocoa flavours which elevate this varietal honey.

Cheese Pairings:

Ask your local cheesemonger to give you his sweetest and nuttiest cheeses, as these provide a platform for the buckwheat honey while enhancing the cheeses best qualities.

• Aged Asiago
• Goats Milk Garrotxa
• Italian Gorgonzola 

Tea Pairings: 

Go big, go bold, the strength of a great buckwheat honey dares you to drink the biggest and boldest teas even complementing chicory coffee.

• Rooibos Chai
• Ruby Oolong Tea
• Chicory Coffee

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