Keith Brymer Jones - Make International Collection

The first thing Keith Brymer Jones ever made was a pottery owl, when he was 11 years old. The process of pottery gave him a sort of sense of escapism. It was then that he knew he wanted to be a potter and, after a brief stint as the lead singer of a punk band (!), that’s just what he did, becoming an apprentice for Harefield Pottery in London at 18. This is where he really learnt how to use traditional hard graft to make modern ceramics.

Working life now revolves around his studio in Whitstable, Kent, which is housed inside an old bakery. Here he hand designs every Keith Brymer Jones item (oh yes, it’s all very hands on!)  Once he is happy with each shape he has thrown on the wheel, he then travels to China with the finished prototype, where he works with a great team on the factory floor to ensure the products they mass produce maintain the same standards as the ones in his studio back home.

All of the pieces in the Keith Brymer Jones ranges are then finished by hand.

His design philosophy is a simple one; he likes to create stylish yet simple products that are pleasing to the eye and, above all, are practical in the modern home and make people happy!


6 items

6 items